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The Future of Jobs, a Few Thoughts!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


When we look at the jobs that are going to be created and the jobs that will go, the important thing to realise is that it’s going to move very very quickly. Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of things; will all have a huge impact, but most importantly even if you are paying your workers are very low salary, the robots will do it cheaper, more effectively and to a high quality in most situations.

Let’s try and look sector by sector, agriculture today only has a very small part of the labour force 1.6%, in the 1930s and took one Farmer to produce the food for four families, more recently a single Farmer produces enough for 150 Families. The future however is about large agricultural areas farmed essential by machines. From planting to picking the machines can do it more effectively and to a high quality, they also in most circumstances can work 24 hours a day.

Construction, more people = More accommodation, but the whole trend is towards prefabricated units and significant reduction of the build time of developments, so more planning, more logistics, more involvement of robots and automated machines and less workers.

Electricity, gas and water supply. Here the story is about renewable energy, replacing especially coal And nuclear power stations, but on the horizon is also the fading out of gas, yes there is going to be short term work installing solar panels, probably eventually on everybody in every country it simply make sense. Then the maintenance the control is again bye electronics/computers/robots, I device in every home making sure we get the best deal for our electricity and everything else.

Manufacturing, in the United Kingdom about 10% of the economy 2.7 million people (it’s worth noting that this was 7.1 million in 1979, 40 years ago) those jobs didn’t just disappear, those jobs changed.

But again for the future machines are making machines, robots are much more Efficient, a robot will replace between 10 and 20 workers but also they will do the same repetitive jobs over and over again is a high quality, with not a lot of need for the HR department, maternity leave, holidays, training and advancement possibilities. Within manufacturing, automobile manufacturing which currently employs 856,000 people and produces 12% of the U.K.’s exports is looking under considerable pressure. The future is electric cars, battery sales grew by 83% last year in 2018. So what are we doing about moving into the electric car movement, are we spending on research and development money to make more affective car engines and more affective batteries. The aerospace industry, is one that creates a lot of jobs and work for the United Kingdom, but here Brexit might have a big impact. One of the areas where there may be growth is the pharmaceutical industry, we are all going to live longer, healthcare is increasing and the new drugs and medicines need producing,Again though this is likely to be a few workers checking and testing.

Mining, and extraction.

Who wants to go underground, the machine is doing it better. Again we will be supervising controlling, but jobs in this sector are likely to decline

Service industries,

As we move into a world of artificial intelligence and robotics, what are the jobs and skills that will grow.

Manual work, repetitive work will shortly be a thing of the past.

Evolution is about change and we should embrace change.

Speed, the speed of change will be dramatic,

The current education system based on an 18th century model is very inadequate

We need to go back to creative and inspirational think. ( Then fill in how the education system needs to change, New subject, astronomy, space travel, genetic engineering)

We need to get people think creativity, to make intuitive leaps, AI and machine learning, are already better than us at analysing data, sales, buying patterns ... what we can do is leap to the next idea .... so new job. Idea person ( Someone who creates new concepts and new ideas, for machines to make)

Companion a very old job. Someone to talk to

Space explorer, really a Columbus plus .

Innovation expert,

Change often results in pain, the move from agriculture to industry,

Recycle collector, recycle Expert, we have ruined the world enough, surely we should look to recycle everything to collect every piece of waste, plastic, glass, rubber, tin, and reprocess or change into fuel

Further reading.

Some Jobs of future.....................

  1. Chatters, people who get paid to talk to people on a regular basis, human contact etc

  2. Tech designers, talk to the AI and specify what we need as a new program

  3. Satellite repair person

  4. Gourmet Chef of pop-up restaurant

We will as new workers, hop around, jobs will be projects, work will be fluid & uncertain

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